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Emma Newnham

Childcare Administration

Emma Newnham

Emma is absolutely loving being a part of the ASL Real Estate team, having joined the company as Assistant to Celestine in March 2012. She has worked in the customer service industry for a number of years, having previously worked at a local supermarket and as a waitress at a wedding reception venue and this is her first job working in the real estate field. As a result of the experiences she has been exposed to in these industries, it has allowed her to learn various customer service techniques and she always aims to provide the highest level of customer service to those she deals with.
Emma is a hard worker & a perfectionist and is determined to succeed and this helps to ensure that the work produced by her is of a high standard.
Acting as Celestine’s Administrative Assistant, Emma finds herself assisting Celestine with her day to day tasks which help to keep her very busy. The position is a learning curve as this is the first time Emma has worked in a role like this however the learning is fun and rewarding, especially when you see a property you have worked on turn into a sale.
In her spare time, Emma thoroughly enjoys dancing which she has been doing since she was 4 years old. She has completed classes in various styles of dance; jazz ballet, tap, hip hop and the most recent being Latin which she has been doing for many years. Emma also thoroughly enjoys experiencing the wonderful tourist attractions and scenic drives Melbourne has to offer, and catching up with friends and family in between time. All of these contribute to Emma’s happy and friendly disposition.