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Lauren Gad


Lauren Gad

Lauren is an integral part of the team at ASL Real Estate. Since her commencement in 2013 her strong drive and aspiration to succeed has led her to complete her Agent representative course and on her way to completing her full license. She has also gained knowledge and experience in many areas of real estate and is now working with both the Sales and Property Management teams.

Born and raised in the Manningham area, she has a strong attachment to the community and local knowledge which gives her an advantage. Having a strong background in customer service and sales, she knows how to communicate with people and listen carefully to enable her to understand customer requirements and help facilitate a successful outcome.

“I have found real estate to be somewhat of a challenge, a challenge I enjoy as it provides me with the opportunity to better my knowledge of the industry as a whole and to find my place to excel. The two most important aspects to me, of being in this industry, are growth and development. I look forward to being able to continue to grow and develop in my role and to achieve great things.”