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Wendy Zhou

Childcare Sales & Leasing

Wendy Zhou

I am an immigrant from Shanghai, China, who now resides in Australia. I possess fluency in English, Mandarin, and the Shanghai dialect, allowing me to effectively communicate with a diverse range of individuals. I have developed a strong connection with the Chinese community in Australia, which further enhances my understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

In terms of personal qualities, I am highly motivated, well-organized, and genuinely caring towards my clients. My primary focus is on comprehending their unique requirements and consistently striving to deliver optimal outcomes in all situations. This commitment to excellence has earned me the prestigious ‘Top Gun’ Award at ASL for three consecutive years, solidifying my position as the top performer.

After completing my Bachelor of Commerce degree at Melbourne University in 2005, I embarked on a career as a business analyst in the childcare industry. My finance background, coupled with my CPA Australia and CPA China qualifications, has provided me with a profound understanding of financial matters. These skills and attributes have seamlessly transitioned into my current profession in commercial real estate, where I continue to excel.

Outside of work, I derive great pleasure from engaging in activities such as ballroom dancing, shopping, and traveling whenever my busy schedule allows. These experiences not only bring me joy but also contribute to my personal growth and well-being.

As a valued member of any team, I consistently demonstrate dedication and honesty. The satisfaction I derive from achieving success, both for myself and my numerous clients, stems from these core values.